Trampoline Super Evening Sessions


Get fit on a trampoline! Every Tuesday, we will merge HIIT, weights, and calisthenics for a total body sculpt on trampolines. 15 min set up; 1 hour of instruction.

Trampoline Super Evening Sessions

Private Booking Form

Do you have a special event coming up? Book NM for your group sessions, birthday, corporate outing, or special occasion? Let NM Cycling be your destination for group fun and fitness!

To book your event, all NM Cycling studio bikes must be reserved (at a discounted rate of $12 per person). Natural Measures will contact the facilitator to discuss dates and details. Once a date is determined, the total balance will be charged to the NM Cycling online account to secure your event. Each guest must create a personal profile on our site as an agreement to studio policies and waivers.