Natural Measures is an extraordinary indoor cycling boutique, with an energy-driven twist on urban spinning. Our goal is to promote an out-of-the-box, fun fitness technique, that engages the body and soul; through choreographed, rhythmic dance moves. 

At Natural Measures, spinning is coupled with up-tempo, dynamic, and energizing music; that drives your entire body to the beat.  Coupled with proper training, Natural Measures offers an exciting alternative to typical cardio methods and will help clients avoid the “plateau”; which can result from repetitive routines.

Meet The Owner

My name is Vikki Gladney, founder, and owner of Natural Measures Cycling. 
In 2018, shortly after surgery, I began to pursue a deeper journey into weight loss and fitness. It was not enough for me to only desire a “nice physique” (I admit I started with that singular intention). Yet, my purpose quickly shifted into a pursuit of inner energy and outer strength; and with each improvement I wanted more! 

After enduring my first hip-hop cycling class, I immediately fell in love with this fun method of exercise! Not only did it offer me the cardio and endurance needed to shed pounds, but this style of spin added strength and sculpting to my workout regimen. I knew very quickly that I wanted to be an instructor, and with a twist of fate, I became a spin coach with my local YMCA. 

 As a wife, grandmother, and mother of four adult daughters I want to inspire my family, peers, and community to reach their full physical potential. With that said, my goals have now shifted into a wholistic and “natural” approach to wellness; first promoting self-love and care. I recently reinvented my love for fashion and styling into a personal shopping and wardrobing business; in which I combine my life and image coaching skills. Doing so has afforded me the opportunity to use my own testimony to inspire other overcomers, and I plan to do the same with Natural Measures! I believe my story, knowledge, challenges, and victories will motivate clients of all ages to tap into the best version of themselves! 

 Not only do I love spinning; I yearn to help others do away with self-condemnation and limiting beliefs; and replace it with a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and a positive self-image (the process and life lessons that I do had to endure and grow from). I am now blessed to take what I am passionate about and transform it into a service to the community! 

Tanya Hause


I fell in love with spin in November of 2020. I took my first cycle class, and the vibe was something I hadn’t felt in a while! The instructor was this hype little lady that had this groove about herself. The music was on fire, and I was instantly hooked! Hello, my name is Tanya M. Hause! Mother of 2 children, new grandma, business owner, and spin cycling instructor. I fell in love with spin as a student, yet sudden and personal tragedy, transformed that love, and in July of 2021, I became an instructor. My mentor and I spoke about the coaching program she was launching. I was willing to do whatever she needed, yet I wasn’t sure I wanted to teach. I considered only to become certified in case a substitute was ever required. Losing my fiancé and my number one support on April 27th, 2021, was one of the most traumatic and life-altering events I’ve ever experienced. Often, I hear how strong I am after losing my love. I can honestly say becoming a spin and yoga instructor while guiding others into a healthy lifestyle has helped me endure, overcome grief, stay focused, and leap many hurdles towards healing. I want to exude that strength and offer the same healing to my Natural Measures family and beyond!

Gail Cunningham


I attended my first Natural Measures Urban Spinning class in January 2021. I am a certified Xtreme Hip Hop Step Instructor and love all forms of fitness and exercise. However, my experience at NMC has been exhilarating and has offered me a newfound purpose and a sense of belonging. That same sense of belonging I experienced developed into a “Natural” love for indoor cycling. I started attending as many classes as possible, sometimes twice a day. My skill, energy, and confidence skyrocketed. And now spinning is a passion of my own. I feel and look good on the bike! The mentorship program was implemented and introduced to a specific few, and after much consideration, I decided to join the program and get certified. On May 21st, 2021, I finished my training, received my Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification, and joined Natural Measures Cycling as a spin coach. The nurturing and individualized care at NMC studios has allowed me to tap into a WHOLESOME EXPERIENCE as a member and now an instructor. I want to share that same experience with others. I aspire to help my guests foster a successful journey to becoming the best version of themselves by providing them with the same wholesome experience I received at Natural Measures Cycling.

Brooke Duerson


My fitness journey began after the summer of 2016. I was 307 pounds, pre-diabetic, and could not fit on an amusement park ride. From that moment on, I decided to take my health more seriously. I started working towards my health and fitness goals and in 2017 underwent Bariatric Surgery, necessary for me to jumpstart my weight loss, given my underlying and possible health issues. Paired with exercise and healthy eating, I lost over 100 pounds, eventually hitting a plateau, which is where my journey with Natural Measures begins. I became hooked after one class! Spinning is challenging, yet my skill developed, and I achieved next-level fitness goals with proper instruction and determination. My coach encouraged me to consider becoming an instructor. She saw something in me as leadership-worthy and pointed me in the right direction toward getting my Indoor Cycling Instructors Certification through Schwinn Cycling and Fitness. This journey has not been easy, but we have been successful with proper leadership and a fantastic team! Our Natural Measures Team has supported each other through tough times and life’s challenges, but it has made us a force in the fitness industry and created a movement of helping others achieve their wellness goals! I have always been passionate about urging people to be the best, most unique, and authentic version of themselves. Now I can offer that same energy and positivity through Urban Spinning. My goal is to empower my guests to get healthy and fit while loving themselves and their bodies at every stage. I have utilized the values set forth by NMC, Positivity, Energy, and Power, to create my theme SPINPOWERED!

Jasmine Sisney


Raising my two daughters in a healthy, prosperous home was very important. I purchased a home in 2016 and, in 2017, received my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. I had accomplished several goals with time and dedication, although fitness wasn’t on my agenda. A single mom concentrating on building a future for my girls, I gained weight from snacking and overeating. Sweets were my go-to. In 2018 I was 242 lbs. Before establishing NMCycling, I began working out with its founder Vikki, having an accountability partner with a passion for fitness encouraged me. My mind and body began to crave fitness! With guidance, I learned that my diet was just as important as my fitness regimen. I became serious about my overall health and wellness. My influence over my children was a priority. They watched my energy increase and wanted to join in as well. Fitness excites me, and I love indoor cycling so much I became a certified Schwinn Cycling Instructor. Reflecting on my journey and what’s to come keeps me going. Every push and pound lost has molded my mind, body, and soul. I want to help others reach their personal goals and know that the only limits they have are the ones they place on themselves. We can do this! – Jazmine Sisney

With Natural Measures Cycling you will develop

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